Something Fierce launched worldwide on NOVEMBER 13TH 2012.

Get ready for #somethingfierce

Photo by Brian Adams,

Marian Call’s double album Something Fierce has been released again, globally and with fanfare, to the delight of rhyme-obsessed literature nerds everywhere.  For an official press release on the album, see here.  For more on Marian Call, see here.

This website is for fans who want to participate in the ramp up to the album re-release, as promised in this blog here.  The blog also explains why an album is sometimes re-released.  Here are all the details on participating in the 13 fan exercises leading up to NOVEMBER 13TH, 2012!

  • Each day, starting Nov. 1st, fans will receive a small online Adventuresome Questy Task that takes just a few seconds to complete. The task may be completed on that day or any day following; NOVEMBER 13TH, 2012 is the last day of the quest. If you want to perform all the tasks on the last day, you may.
  • Fans can tweet the tasks, or their work on the tasks, using the hashtag #somethingfierce; posts on Facebook and G+ and anywhere else are welcome too, of course!
  • On November 13th, Marian will be in Dublin, IE, and she will be having Google hangouts during the day.  It’s a worldwide party!  Marian will answer your questions, sing requests, drink Guinness, and be generally sociable all day.  She would love for you to join her, or just tune in on Youtube!  [Post-hangout note: you can view the hangouts at, and they were so fun there will be more there in the future!]
  • Fans who complete all 13 tasks should keep screencaps of their work if they wish to enter to win a prize.  On November 13th, email 13 screencaps showing your participation to Include your mailing address if you want to receive a prize.  No more than 13 images, please, and no messages larger than 4MB. Links to galleries are fine, though you might want to specify what you’re submitting so it’s not mistaken for spam as a link alone might be.  The deadline for mailing your screencaps if you want to receive a prize is midnight Hawai’i time, November 14th, 2012.
  • Prizes: the first 100 participants to return emails with all correct screencaps will receive signed headshots of Marian, real actual glossy photos, from her photo shoot with Valette Keller for the European Adventure Quest. Four winners, randomly drawn from all entrants, will receive headshots plus a $50 gift certificate to and a European postcard from Marian (probably mailed from the U.S.).  Note: task 13 is more personal than anticipated, so your word that you completed it is fine.  VERY IMPORTANT: if you wish to receive a mailed signed photo, please include your mailing address in your e-mail when you send your screencaps!

If you are a blogger or in media and you want to write a post that can be featured in one of our 13 days of fun, let me know! We need every album review we can possibly get over the next month or two, and if you can write a song/album review, or if you want to encode a secret riddle for fans in your blog post, check in with me stat.  Not everyone can be a featured article in the games these next two weeks, but we still have some availability.

Ready, set — ADVENTURE!